5 Litres Vegetable Glycerine

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5 Litres Vegetable Glycerine (also known as Glycerol or Glycerin) is a colourless, non-toxic, sweet liquid.

  • Minimum purity of 99.5%
  • Kosher standards.
  • USP/EP Grade

Vegetable Derived Glycerine 99.5%

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5 Litres Vegetable Glycerine

5 Litres Vegetables Glycerine (also known as Glycerol, Glycerin or VG) is a colourless, non-toxic, sweet liquid with a broad range of applications.


Popular applications for Vegetable Glycerine are as a mild sweetener, emollient, solvent, humectant and even as a thickening agent.

You may use your 5 Litres Vegetable Glycerine for retaining moisture in baked goods, stabilising ice creams and even sweetening condensed milk. Other products which use glycerin are cough syrups, moisturisers, hand sanitisers and many more.

A newer but rapidly growing application for Vegetable glycerine is within the Vape Industry, where is is commonly know as VG. Many of our customers use VG as a base for flavours and nicotine, when making their own E Liquids.


We aim be a quality supplier of Glycerine without compromising on price, volume or quality. Whether you require 1 Litre, 5 Litres, 20 Litres, or 1000 Litre IBC’s, we can supply you to suit your needs without any issue.

Should you require pricing for larger orders, information, or anything in between – please feel free to get in touch today.

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